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  • $200 Million Dollar Treasure Found Off Costa Rica’s Pacific Coast

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    (VATICAN ENQUIRER) San José | A group of Costa Rican park rangers patrolling in the Isla del Coco national park after a recent storm, have discovered one of the most amazing treasure hoards in modern history. The treasure consists of gold and silver coins and ingots, jewellery, candlesticks and religious items, and is estimated to […] More

  • Costa Rica Model Detained In Europe Headed For Her Birth Country of Dubai, In The EU

    The Vatican Enquirer’s Spain bureau learned of the arrest of Costa Rica journalist, television presenter and model when she refused to use the ‘visitor’ line, insisting she is a national. Spain authorities say Jale Berahimi had demanded she be allowed to use the ‘resident’ line, insisting she is a European citizen, with a Costa Rican […] More

  • Costa Rica Bans Motorcycles On Its Roads

    The government of Costa Rica announced a ban of all two wheeled motorcycles on public roads. The ban is immediate and includes all types of motorcycles and scooters. Three wheeled cycles are still OK. A government source said “they are just too dangerous”. For the moment bicycles are still allowed. However, the government has commissioned […] More