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  • Theresa May Puts On Headphones To Hear English Translation Of Trump’s Address

      Theresa May, the British politician who has served as Prime Minister of the United Kingdom and Leader of the Conservative Party since 2016, at the UN National Assembly meeting this week, put on headphones to hear the English translation of U.S. President Donald Trump’s speech. May is the second woman to hold both positions, […] More

  • New York Taxis Gouging Customers Fleeing To Canada

    Taxi cab companies in New York are gouging customers fleeing to Canada, in the months since the inauguration of U.S. President Donald Trump, mainly Americans leaving the United States. Sources close to the Vatican Enquirer said “the flee north is in fear of the America Mr. Trump will bring them.” The New York Attorney General’s […] More

  • Obama To Resign On Jan. 19

    Sources close to the Vatican Enquirer say U.S. President Barack Obama would be resigning on Thursday, leaving the all important handshake, the symbol of unity, of President Trump to Joe Biden, who would become immediately the 45th President. The Vatican Enquirer has also learned that this is Obama’s way of messing with the incoming president […] More

  • Trump Says He Will Not Attend Future Debates If Clinton Is There

    (VATICAN ENQUIRER) Following Monday’s first of three planned national Presidential debates where according to Donald Trump he says he won hands down, the Republican presidential candidate has vowed to skip the remaining debates if his Hillary Clinton is there. Trump blasted Monday night’s debate, saying that Clinton “distracted him from delivering HIS message to the […] More

  • Donald Trump Breaks Ties With Donald Trump

    (VATICAN ENQUIRER) Adapted from – The candidate for president of the United States and entrepreneur DonalD Trump announced during his most recent campaign speech that “from now on he breaks his relations with Donald Trump for statements he made against Mexican migrants”. In an attempt to win the vote of the Hispanic community in […] More

  • Carlos Slim Fires Donald Trump After Racism Against Mexicans

    (VATICAN ENQUIRER) Adapted from –  Carlos Slim has fired real estate agent, Donald Trump, after racist comments against Mexicans. Slim, the Mexican magnate and the richest person in the world from 2010 to 2013, summoned all his employees to the corporate boardroom and told them that anyone not comfortable working with a Mexican could […] More