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  • Former President Obama To Make Come Back With An Eye On The Oval Office

    Former President Barack Obama is expected to re-emerge on the national political scene this fall, looking to become the leader of the House when Democrats take it back from the Republicans in 2018, paving the way for his return to the Oval Office. “President Obama will be back in the Oval Office when President Donald […] More

  • Scaramucci lands server job at Dick’s Last Resort

    BOSTON—Recently shit canned White House Communications Director Anthony Goddamned Scaramucci is set to return to the national fuckin’ spotlight as Dick’s Last Resort has announced that Scaramucci has accepted a part-time server position. According to Dick’s Last Resort’s management, the Mooch’s boisterous prick nature is a perfect fit for a chain that specializes in rude […] More

  • Russia Would Grant Comey Asylum If He Asks For It

    Russia said it would grant the fired FBI Director James Comey asylum in the event he makes a request. The statement came days following Comey’s appearance before the US Senate Intelligence Committee, where he gave testimony on the Trump-Russia probe and admitted to recording private talks with US President Donald Trump. Since the Vatican Enquirer […] More

  • U.S. Science Advisor Denies Apollo Moon Landings

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    VATICAN ENQUIRER (Washington) Yale University professor David Gelernter, U.S. President Donald Trump’s newly appointed science and technology advisor, has already attracted a barrage of criticism after making controversial statements this week during an exclusive interview with Science Today. The controversial computer scientist already known for his strong stance against the science behind global warming has […] More

  • Obama To Resign On Jan. 19

    Sources close to the Vatican Enquirer say U.S. President Barack Obama would be resigning on Thursday, leaving the all important handshake, the symbol of unity, of President Trump to Joe Biden, who would become immediately the 45th President. The Vatican Enquirer has also learned that this is Obama’s way of messing with the incoming president […] More

  • Trump Says He Will Not Attend Future Debates If Clinton Is There

    (VATICAN ENQUIRER) Following Monday’s first of three planned national Presidential debates where according to Donald Trump he says he won hands down, the Republican presidential candidate has vowed to skip the remaining debates if his Hillary Clinton is there. Trump blasted Monday night’s debate, saying that Clinton “distracted him from delivering HIS message to the […] More

  • Canada BANS Donald Trump

    ONTARIO, Canadian province of  – In a meeting held by the Liberal party earlier this week, party leader and Prime Minister of Canada, Justin Trudeau called for the prohibition of Donald Trump from entering Canada effective immediately. Trudeau added that the ban may be lifted is Trump publicly apologize for his racist comments against Muslims […] More

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