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  • Former PM Chretien (83) Says He Loves Medical Marijuana With Breakfast…and Sometimes Dinner

    OTTAWA — Jean Chretien actually giggled when he showed his personal baggie of pot to reporters today as he called for the immediate end of arrests for possession of marijuana. “Hahaha. Yes, yes. For 50 years, I had céréales Cheerios every morning but you know dat gets boring,” said a grinning Chretien, Prime Minister of […] More

  • Canada’s Fast Food Restaurant Is Now Serving Marijuana With Coffee and Donut

    ACROSS CANADA – Canada’s most popular fast food restaurant franchise “Tim Hortons” will now be selling Marijuana upon it’s legalization in Canada, in addition to its “always fresh coffee” and quick meal options. Ron Joyce, current founder of Tim Hortons claims that this is a necessity as there are over 3,000 stores across Canada. “ […] More