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  • Americans and Canadians Shooting & Hunting Killer Clowns (NSFW)

    (VATICAN ENQUIRER) EXCLUSIVE FROM NORTH AMERICA: Residents all over Canada and the US are now stepping up to the maniacal clowns that have been pestering citizens for the past few weeks.Despite the multiple warnings from the police not to approach these individuals, people are finally facing their fears instead of running from them. Thousands of […] More

  • McDonald’s To Close Canada

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    (VATICAN ENQUIRER) Low profits is the reason for McDonald’s announcement of the removal of all Canadian franchises. After a year of struggling to maintain profits in 2015, the McDonald’s franchise has seen an even worse decline in 2016: starting in the US after multiple tax policies have increased the cost of doing business for the […] More

  • Nostradamus Predicted “Brangelina” Break Up

    (VATICAN ENQUIRER) Just hours after the announcement of  the Brangelina (Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie) break up, many Nostradamus experts say the famous soothsayer had predicted the event in one of his quatrains. Famous for foretelling many historical events such as the death of King Henry II of France, the advent Napoleon or the two […] More

  • $200 Million Dollar Treasure Found Off Costa Rica’s Pacific Coast

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    (VATICAN ENQUIRER) San José | A group of Costa Rican park rangers patrolling in the Isla del Coco national park after a recent storm, have discovered one of the most amazing treasure hoards in modern history. The treasure consists of gold and silver coins and ingots, jewellery, candlesticks and religious items, and is estimated to […] More

  • Trump Says He Will Not Attend Future Debates If Clinton Is There

    (VATICAN ENQUIRER) Following Monday’s first of three planned national Presidential debates where according to Donald Trump he says he won hands down, the Republican presidential candidate has vowed to skip the remaining debates if his Hillary Clinton is there. Trump blasted Monday night’s debate, saying that Clinton “distracted him from delivering HIS message to the […] More

  • Canada Proposes A Two Loon Loonie To Offset Slumping Dollar

    From the Vatican Enquirer – The Canadian government has come up with the solution to a slumping Canadian Dollar, imprint dollar coins with two loons rather than one. The reasoning behind this bold move is simple. In the words of Canada’s chief financial officer, everyone knows what a loonie is, printing a second loon on […] More

  • E-mail Strike Looming In Canada

    From the Vatican Enquirer – Direct from a page of Canada’s postal strikes, the Canadian internet consortium announced a pending e-mail strike. Internet users across the country have been warned not to send any emails once the strike begins, as email servers around the country will either shut down completely or operate at a snail […] More

  • Apple Accused of Plagiarizing Jesus For Water Resistant iPhone

    (Vatican Enquirer) First it was Melania Trump copying from a speech by Michelle Obama at the Republican convention, then it was the scandal that aired on Aristegui News about Mexico President Enrique Peña Nieto’s plagiarism in his university thesis, and now it turns out Apple did quite a bit of plagiarizing itself with one of […] More

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